Journey with the Facilitator who went from Disaster 2 Master

Ready for Transformation gaining greater clarity, more courage, increased confidence, reduce stress, find your true self, master healing techniques that generate game-changing results in as little as 60 seconds!

Beverly Zeimet is a Transformational Coach, Workshop and Retreat Facilitator, #1 Best Selling International Author and Speaker, Co-Host of 360 Wisdom Speaks Podcast, Energy Healer, Psychic Surgeon, specializing in Metaphysics, Soul Alignment, Spirit Awakening and Healing Frequencies leading to Life Changing Transformation.

35 years experience getting to the root cause of the inner conflict that has you in turmoil, anxiety, states of depression, failure and destruction, we move you out of feeling alone, having no purpose, self-judgment, denial, guilt and shame.

Let me walk with you on your journey. Hands on training learning the Secrets to becoming a Master over any of life's Disaster to Create your Destiny.